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We’re Sprouter, helping you find your friends and share big moments.

Because that’s how social media should be, with more social and less media.

Easily manage all your social media platforms from one app.

Avoid the hassle of having to remember multiple usernames.

Use Sprouter Feeds to view all of your platforms at once.

Post to one, a few, or all social media platforms in just one click.

Connect with friends and grow your following from one app.

Sync your new friends to always have the correct contact info.

Download our App in the Apple App Store Download our App in the Apple App Store

What are people saying?

  • Image of Jake

    “Sprouter is the easiest way to add everyone on all their social media at once”

  • Image of Malcolm

    “The app is super dope. I’m surprised no one has thought of this before”

  • Image of Jules

    “I love being able to post to my Instagram and twitter at the same time”

  • Image of Carly

    “The colors and design of Sprouter are so pretty and fresh!”

  • Image of Robin

    “The app is so cool! My friends and I use it to meet new friends when we go out”

  • Image of Chloe

    “I used it to connect with all the kids on my floor and I instantly had all of their social media”

  • Image of Hannah

    “Sprouter is super cool because I use it to post about my makeup business.”

  • Image of Andy

    “I like the app because when you are meeting a lot of new friends at once its hard to connect with all of them.”

  • Image of Shea

    “ I don't feel weird asking people to add me on Sprouter , its super casual!”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sprouter a replacement for all other social network platforms?

Sprouter is not a replacement for other social media platforms. Sprouter helps you find all your friends and contacts easily by bringing information from all your social apps into one easy app.

Which social media platforms are supported?

Currently, Sprouter lets you link your Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Spotify, and VSCO. We are always adding new connections!

If I unlink a social media account from my Sprouter profile, will it delete my account for that social platform?

No, this will only unlink your social media account from the Sprouter profile. If you wish to delete your account from a social platform, you need to do so within the specific app or website.

Does following a friend on Sprouter, connect me to any of his/her social network?

No, connecting with someone on Sprouter only connects you with them on Sprouter. Once you’re connected on Sprouter, you can then follow them on any of their connected accounts.

How can I follow someone on Sprouter?

To follow someone on Sprouter, utilize the QR code feature or search to connect with others across all of your social media accounts. Once connected, users have the ability to instantly follow and add others on each individual social media account linked to their Sprouter profile.

Can I post to all of my social media at once?

Yes, with UniPost you’re able to post text, photos, videos, and even go live across multiple social platforms. Additionally, it provides the option to schedule, draft, and manage posts.

Can I view my social media platforms from Sprouter?

Yes, the Feeds feature allows you to view social content from multiple platforms like never before. Seamlessly switch between all of your social network feeds with one click. All of this is done within the Sprouter app.

How can I delete my Sprouter account and remove all my social profiles?

You can unlink all social accounts from Sprouter at any time. To delete your Sprouter account entirely simply deactivate your account.

What if my Sprouter credentials are leaked, will my other linked social accounts are compromised as well?

No, even if someone gets access to your Sprouter credentials, your linked social media accounts are not compromised. We use tokens link your accounts, not your platform-specific credentials, and we do not store any credentials in our servers.