25 May, 2023

Sprouter and OpenTable Unite for Enhanced Booking

Sprouter, the trailblazing platform that redefines businesses’ digital landscape, proudly announces an innovative affiliate partnership with OpenTable, a global titan in online restaurant reservations. This unique affiliation empowers Sprouter’s restaurant clients with the ability to seamlessly integrate OpenTable’s booking widget into their smart landing pages, ushering in a new era of streamlined customer interaction.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology including dynamic QR codes and customizable profiles, Sprouter’s smart landing pages serve as a digital canvas for businesses to showcase their essence. Through this exclusive partnership, restaurant owners and managers can elevate their engagement by embedding OpenTable’s booking widget directly within their Sprouter landing pages, creating a unified hub for patrons to explore and secure reservations.


“This affiliate partnership with OpenTable aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering unparalleled convenience to our clients,” affirmed Daniel Everist, CEO of Sprouter. “Our platform’s foundation is built upon optimizing online engagement and catalyzing sales growth. By integrating the OpenTable widget, we’re taking a significant step toward achieving that vision.”


Beyond enhancing customer experiences, Sprouter’s PRO features offer a suite of tools for business owners and restaurant managers to refine their strategies. Advanced analytics, customizable marketing campaigns, and insightful customer data arm Sprouter PRO users with the insights needed to drive informed decisions and propel business expansion.

This dynamic affiliation signifies just the first stride in Sprouter’s pursuit of enriching businesses’ digital presence and magnifying sales potential. It underscores the platform’s commitment to innovation and its role as a transformative ally in the online realm.


About Sprouter

Empowering businesses with an encompassing digital platform, Sprouter pioneers online visibility, sales growth, and performance enhancement. The fusion of dynamic QR codes, smart landing pages, and customizable profiles drives businesses to expand their online reach and ignite sales. The inclusion of Sprouter’s PRO features, boasting advanced analytics, customizable marketing campaigns, and invaluable customer insights, empowers business owners and managers to steer data-driven decisions for growth.


About OpenTable

At the forefront of online restaurant reservations, OpenTable orchestrates over 30 million diner reservations per month across a vast network of 52,000 restaurants. The OpenTable network converges the diner and restaurant experience, enabling diners to seamlessly discover and secure the perfect table, while restaurants craft personalized hospitality for enduring guest relationships. This synergy between restaurants and diners epitomizes OpenTable’s dedication to elevating the dining experience.