02 May, 2024

Sprouter Brands & Businesses Customer Testimonials

Sprouter has allowed me, as a creator and a business owner, to maximize my brand through the use of QR codes on my products and by using Sprouter as my biolink. There are a lot of biolinks and QR codes out there, but Sprouter is by far the best because it offers a wide range of features and is super easy to use.

The Sprouter products have been great for me. I have Sprouter hubs in all the houses that I’m selling or renting out to guests. They’re able to see featured listings, other rental properties, and important information about my brand. It’s really been a great way for Mid-Market Phenix to grow and connect with a new audience. Using Sprouter in my bio has driven a ton of new traffic to my social media and links.

If you’re using another biolink and you’re unhappy with the design and want something more customizable, Sprouter is the best choice. I fully endorse the software Sprouter. It’s a QR code that can be on your can or any product details. It’s the best way to connect with your community and build your brand. For instance, it can be used for store locators, social media links, or anything you want. It’s a game changer.

Hey, I’m Travis with the Catalyst Creative Company. Sprouter has become a tool that I’ve implemented into my business as a marketing and selling point all the time. My customers come to me asking questions about QR codes, and I now have the go-to solution for them and for me, handling all the printing and labeling. A lot of brands are looking to use QR codes but are usually missing out on capturing the analytics of their customers. With Sprouter, you are covered and able to make decisions to further your brand based on those data points.

I use QR codes at both of my restaurants. It makes it incredibly easy to manage our menus, events, specials, and broadcasts through social media. With Sprouter, I’m able to update our customers in real time while they’re in our restaurants through social media platforms. Sprouter is quick and makes it easy for any business owner in the hospitality industry.