25 April, 2024

Sidari Artisan Brands Client Testimonial

When you’re at a grocery store or in any type of retail setting, you can’t really tell the story of your product. Traditional grocery has always been circulars, right? It’s, you know, walk through, see what’s on the shelf. The effect that we give the ability to tell a whole story through a Sprouter QR code is pretty marvelous.

You give the customer accessibility to where they can buy the product. Now we have the ability to scan the code and they can find exactly, through our location services through Sprouter, where to find the product.

Customers are really excited that they can interact with us whether they’re at home, at a tailgate, or at store level. Another reason why having all of our social media in one place and people being able to access whether it’s an event or a new store opening or something like that is really helpful.

Sprouter gives us the ability to meet our customers at the shelf.