The QR Code is Everywhere, but Where did it Come From?

It seems like everywhere you look these days, you see a QR code. While it may feel like they were invented last year to help you stay germ-free during the Coronavirus pandemic, the truth is that these helpful little things were actually created nearly 20 years ago. If you’re amazed by that, you’re not alone. In fact, while many people now use QR codes, very few of them know much about them. Let’s change that right now!

The History of the QR Code

QR code” is actually short for Quick Response code. QR codes were first created in 1994. A Toyota subsidiary, Denso Wave, developed it in order to help in the manufacturing process. These QR codes were incredibly helpful in tracking vehicles and parts. It was designed to allow for fast decoding speeds, and this efficiency made a big difference. 

In a way, a QR code is very similar to a barcode. Since their creation, barcodes became very popular due to the speed at which they could be scanned, the accuracy they provided, and their multiple functionalities. Imagine being at the supermarket without the cashier being able to scan and ring up each item quickly. It would take forever for each person to pay! Thanks to the convenience associated with barcodes, demand for barcodes that could store more information, had more variation, and would take up a smaller printing area continuously grew. This is what led to the creation of QR codes.

With barcodes, information is coded in one direction only, meaning just one dimension. Because QR codes are 2D codes, information is coded in two directions: across and up/down. This allows it to store even more information.

Why are QR Codes so Popular?

The QR Code was adopted by the auto industry and expanded from there. Now, you will see them in many establishments, especially in restaurants. For one, it’s safer for both the staff and patrons than plastic menus that are touched by multiple people. QR codes aren’t just great for everyone else; they’re great for you too! That’s because they’re cheaper for you than printing out menus and flyers anyway. They also offer PDF/ URL hosting, direct links to social media, the ability to manage/schedule/post to all socials, direct contact with customers, and much more.

Another reason they are so popular is that QR codes are safe. Picture a patron in your restaurant scanning a QR code and is then taken to a digital form of your menu. QR code technology has no security flaws and QR codes cannot be hacked. You don’t need to worry about phishing, hacking, or malware, as long as your website or landing page is kept safe. If your web page is secure, the QR code will be too. It’s as simple as that!

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