How Important has the QR Code Become in our Society?

QR Code

Have you noticed that QR codes seem to be popping up, well, everywhere? You’re right! They’ve become a popular way to pay, offer menu items, connect with others, and more. Why are they so important? Because they’re necessary!

#1 QR codes are more hygienic. Many establishments, especially restaurants, are switching to offering a scannable QR code instead of a traditional menu. This is because, at least in part, because the Coronavirus Pandemic has shown us how many germs are on the items we touch. A scannable QR code is safer and healthier for everyone, because it means people are not touching the same plastic. When University of Arizona microbiologist Charles Gerba listed six of the germiest things you can find in a restaurant, plastic menus made the list. Studies show menus could end up with as much as 185,000 microbes per square centimeter. Just to give you an idea of how disgusting that is, a public toilet can have between 500 to 1,000 germs per square centimeter. 

#2 QR codes can’t be hacked. QR codes are basically web links. Let’s use the restaurant menu example again. A patron in your restaurant scans a QR code and is taken to a digital form of your menu. QR code technology has no security flaws and QR codes cannot be hacked. The security risks that some people associate with QR codes, like phishing, hacking, or malware, don’t stem from QR code technology itself but from the final destination of each code. If your web page is secure, the QR code will be safe too.

#3 QR codes make connections fast and easy. Sprouter makes it easier than ever before to share on social media and grow your brand. We have over a dozen supported social media platforms, all of which can be easily accessed through your scannable QR code. You meet someone, you want to follow eachother on a variety of social media platforms, and they scan your QR code. It’s as easy as that!

#4 QR codes connect your real work to your digital and social media life. Yet another reason QR codes are growing in importance is because they make it possible to tie a person’s real world experience to their social media platforms. Do you want to connect with a new follower? Someone can simply scan the QR code and be taken straight to your Facebook page, Instagram account, and more. There’s no need to worry about writing down your handle or standing there awkwardly as they type in your name and try to find your account.

This is only the beginning! Clearly, QR codes are becoming much more common to see and for a few very good reasons. Wouldn’t it be great to get your own QR code? Sprouter makes this possible! You are able to connect with friends and grow your following from one app. This makes your life easier, and your growing your social media platforms less time consuming. No wonder the QR code is considered so important!