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How to set up a Sprouter Account

It is the day and age of social media networking and you hardly meet people who do not use the social media networking apps and websites to stay in contact or even for business. Among the most used social media apps are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a few others and most people have accounts with all of them. Social media and posting updates on all the social media networking platforms have become norm today and you find users posting the same updates on all the social media apps that they use. Sometimes managing all the social media apps and signing into each and every social media networking account becomes a hassle. Plus managing all the updates, going through them and commenting on them takes up a lot of time and effort. It would be a lot easier to manage your digital social life if there is an app or tool which allows you to manage all the social media apps that you use. Imagine if you could post one status or update just once and it would appear in all of your social media app feeds or stories. Well, that is what social media aggregator tools let you do and that is why they were developed in the first place. If you are a regular user of most of the social media platforms mentioned above, then sooner or later you are going to require a social media aggregator tool and one of the latest to be developed of the same is Sprouter. Sprouter brings all the different social media platforms in one base and it lets users to find and connect with all their contacts very conveniently. All the hassle and trouble of logging into every social media networking account every time you want to post something or remembering all the passwords can be avoided using Spouter. Setting up a Sprouter Account

  • Download the app- The first thing that you should do is to download the app from Google Play store or the iStore. Once this is done and the app has been installed it is just the process of registering on it.
  • Set up a profile- Once you open the installed Sprouter app, you will have to give some personal information like name, email address, phone number and set up a password.
  • Link your social media platforms- After your profile is complete, you will be prompted to link your social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest to your Sprouter account. You will have to sign into each of these networks and connect it to Sprouter.
  • Look for connections- After you have linked your social media networks to Sprouter, you can Search for your friends/contacts using the app by using either their phone numbers or email address. Once you have found your friends and contacts using the app, you can connect with them using Sprouter.
  • Post an update- After setting up your basic account, you can post an update, or a status and it will figure on your newsfeed or stories of the various social media networks you have connected to Sprouter.

  • Once you have set up a Sprouter account and connected all your other social networks to it, you can manage all of your accounts through the Sprouter very efficiently. You can manage all your social media handles without actually downloading them isn’t it cool and also there is no more wasting of time signing into every account and posting updates there individually.