How to Manage All of Your Social Media Platforms from One App

Manage All of Your Social Media Platforms from One App

To say that social media is huge would be quite the understatement. In fact, there are now seven social media platforms that claim more than one billion monthly users. Do you have quite a few social media handles, all on different platforms? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Kepios analysis shows that there are 4.55 billion social media users around the world in October 2021, equating to 57.6 percent of the total global population. Yes, that means more than half of the world is on social media. Many of these users, probably most in fact, regularly use more than one platform. The same analysis tells us that a typical user actively uses or visits an average of 6.7 different social media platforms each month, and spends an average of close to 2½ hours using social media each day.

Let’s say you go to the concert event of the summer and take a fantastic photo that you want the world to see. You post it for your friends and family on Facebook. You add it on Instagram and tag the artist headlining the event. You also post it on Twitter, being sure to use the right hashtags so it’s seen by as many people as possible. Don’t forget about getting a great video on Tik Tok and YouTube! Wow, it’s no wonder people spend hours every day doing this. Wouldn’t it be great to cut down on this time a bit? Sprouter makes this dream into a reality!

Here at Spouter, our team thinks that social media should be more social, and less media. If you agree, we know we have the right tool for you. Spouter offers you UniPost. With UniPost, you’re able to post text, photos, videos, and even go live across multiple social platforms. Additionally, it provides the option to schedule, draft, and manage posts. This is by far the fastest way to share all of your social media and contact information. Consider the benefits of using our platform:

#1 You can easily manage all your social media platforms from one app.

#2 You are able to avoid the hassle of having to remember multiple usernames.

#3 You can post to one, a few, or all social media platforms in just one click.

#4 You can use Sprouter Feeds to view all of your platforms at once.

#5 You are able to connect with friends and grow your following from one app.

Sprouter makes it easier than ever before to share on social media and grow your brand. We have over a dozen supported platforms, beyond those listed above. Are you ready to get started? Great!