Which are the best and most secure all in one social media apps for Android?


All in One Social Media App is a thing in this rapid pacing era of technical growth and innovations. It is now possible to get all your preferred social media apps under one app, in one place, well managed and secure. These apps make browsing interesting, faster and easier. There are a number of options when it comes to downloading one such app on your device. You do not need to open multiple apps, login multiple times or create multiple usernames. I’d like to point out a few reputed and most assured all in one social media applications.

  • HootSuite –This is a multi-social media app which allows you to measure and manage all your social networking accounts on one dashboard. You can connect with people on all your different accounts under this app. You can streamline communications, create workflows and assign messages with clients and collaborators.
  • Buffer – This is a very intense social development platform. You can share your content and scrutinize how your posts do. Impart easily on LinkedIn accounts, Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can schedule about 100 posts, up to 10 social profiles and connect RSS feeds to buffer. This is a growingly believed social media management platform.
  • Social Bakers – This is one amongst the most user-friendly all social media apps. It allows you to manage your Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages and profiles. Their focus is to increase the efficiency of social media. It enables you to keep an eye on you twitter and Facebook conversations real time. This app also promotes social marketing and advertising to a great extent.
  • Sprouter – This is one astounding all in one social app. It allows you to manage all your social networking accounts in one go. All you need to do is create a profile, link your accounts, search and connect. It allows you to search for contacts across all the apps conveniently. The best part about Sprouter is that it manages your entire social media network and facilitates strong connectivity. Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and much more under this one social media manager app.
  • Social Network – This is an all in one social media app that gives you access to almost 45 different social media apps. Apart from the convenience and comfort, this saves storage space on your device. It promotes added security by being available only to adults.
  • FLIT – F as in Facebook, Li as in Linked In, T as in Twitter. That explains it all. You can simultaneously manage and add posts and photos on these three networks using this one app. Just one click does the trick.
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