Where and When to Sprouter

You have your Sprouter app, and now you may be wondering… how does one Sprout? The whole point of Sprouter is to keep you connected to the people you meet by using social media. Here are few examples of best places to Sprouter it up:

1. Don’t be daunted by the word “networking”. Really, all it means is making connections and forming relationships with people you admire, and people you might want to work for or with. At any type of “networking event”, it’s important to exchange contact information to stay in touch. Sprouter is a great way to get that going! You never know how that connection could help you in the future.

2. Whether it’s your flag football league, pond hockey pick-up games, or belting out Les Miserables, extracurricular activities are a great place to form lasting bonds. Odds are, these are the places you’ll meet good friends, because you already have something in common with them! So, whip out that Sprouter app and stay connected beyond the field, stage, or wherever your activities take you.

3. Parties are obviously a great place to meet people, and you’re already trying to connect with them on social media, so just make it easier on yourself and use Sprouter! One click is way easier than going through the work of searching for everyone the morning after.

4. New coworker who seems cool? Finally on Facebook + Twitter friend level with your manager? Whatever it is, Sprouter is the best way to connect with people at work. So, just do it, alright?

5. This is not a “where” or a “when” but… haaaave we mentioned networking? Although this word is probably crammed down your throat as a young adult, it truly is so important. It’s a way to market yourself, and Sprouter helps you do that via connecting on social media.

6. You’re at a concert and end up striking up a conversation with some fellow fans right next to you. You share the same taste in music, you’re likely in very close contact (for sure if you’re in General Admission) and hey — why not keep in touch!? (Doin’ the digital.) Connecting is quick and easy by swapping Sprouter names, then you can share Snaps, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts from your time at the concert. (But not a whole Snap Story of the concert because we all know how fun those are for other people to watch. Not.)

7. Don’t even deny it. Everyone is. Don’t try and act like you’re not. Connect with bros and babes on Sprouter and you’ll have every outlet to send snaps and cryptic flirt messages that’ll keep your “love” alive.


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