Top five tips for choosing a Social Media Aggregator


A Social Media Aggregator, as the name suggests comprehends all the pertinent social media sites under one roof, on a single platform. You can closely monitor your likes, comments, tweets and followers simultaneously on one app. Besides being used as a social media stage, these aggregators are amazingly effective online marketing and business developing tools. You can target huge audiences’ real time, giving your brand all the publicity it needs at the effort of a few clicks.

The extent to which online marketing can work through social media is unimaginable. Millions of people across the globe are online at any given moment. This makes it impossible for anyone to manage the updates manually and individually on every different platform. This social media fusion allows you to effectively access all the different pages effectively. With all the pros of this tool, it is most important to select the right aggregator in order to achieve the desired results and have your expectations met. You need to be well versed with which characteristics to give most importance to. Below are a few tips to help you choose the apt Social Media Aggregator.

Compatibility – The aggregator you choose should be compatible with the social media apps that are important to use for your business promotion and marketing. If the aggregator complies with a few selected apps, you may not get the visibility that you wish to.

User-friendliness – Complex systems will prevent you from reaping benefits of the aggregator, making your visibility and usage limited and restricted.

Customization – It is important that the app allows you to customize management and content to a certain level. This way your posts will be lesser manipulated and more in control.

Mobile Friendly – The social media aggregating app must be accessible on any and every electronic screen device. Live and immediate access to the platforms makes a huge positive difference on the audience targeted. Public is continuously on the move and so should their online accounts be.

Interesting and Appealing Graphics – The first look leaves the first and last impression. There should be attractive visuals and graphics, making the audience return to their app again and again and again.

The final decision is pretty challenging. You must chalk down an aggregator with a right combination of proficiencies and expertise. Make sure that you get all the name, fame and prominence that you ask for!

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