How to get more Instagram followers

Instagram has become the new Google and users are using the social networking app to search for newer and better brands. If you want more followers, then you should start paying more attention to what your Instagram feed looks like. Why? Because it is the first chance you must make that awesome first impression and allure people to click that “follow” button. Most people view Instagram feeds of others when they are impressed with any photo. But when the profile is not that great with just a couple of casual photos with no proper information about what they do or contact details, then they just go back to scrolling through other people’s gorgeous photos.

If you are serious about enhancing your business prospects through Instagram’s by creating a loyal following, then you should treat your Instagram profile page as your new business homepage. This means you should put in just the same effort into creating new and interesting content for your Instagram profile page as you do for your homepage on your website. You should understand that your Instagram profile page is a direct reflection of your company and products and if it is updated in the right manner then it will not be very difficult for you to convert visitors into followers.

  • Create a consistent Instagram aesthetic : Your followers should know what to expect when they follow you and you should take some time out to plan the look and feel of your Instagram page. You should also be consistent with regular and innovative updates.

  • Brand introduction through story highlights : The newly launched feature Instagram Stories Highlights is just the perfect tool for you to introduce your product to your followers. You can imagine each story to be a movie trailer of your products wherein your followers will eagerly wait for the full movie (product details). Story highlights are just the thing if you want to court new followers giving them a sense of what to expect if they follow your page.

  • A unique and interesting Instagram Bio : Your Instagram bio is one of the most under-utilised Instagram feature but if tapped correctly then it can do wonders for your popularity. Instead of filling your bio or profile with details about your company/product, you should fill it with content that will inspire your visitors to follow you. You should leave clear instructions in your bio whether you are telling followers to shop through a link, buy tickets to any event or others.

A quick new way to add more followers on Instagram is to create an about Instagram Stories Highlight to introduce yourself and let visitors or followers to get to know you better. You can also link Instagram Stories Highlights to webpages, Facebook pages and other social media profiles as well.

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