How safe is Sprouter app as a social media aggregator?

Sprouter, one of the top all in one social media apps on our gadgets helps you manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest accounts and more at one go. It brings in all these social media platforms on one single platform, enabling users to find and connect with all their contacts conveniently. You don’t have to go through the torture of logging in multiple times and remembering all the different usernames and passwords. With all this ease, the big question is “How safe is Sprouter app as a social media aggregator app”!

Sprouter has been developed by a team of experts who are highly qualified and well versed about social media safety and security measures. Using the apps together on Sprouter is as safe as using each app individually. By creating an account and beginning to use Sprouter, you do your contacts the access to your social network; neither can you access their circle. You can only connect with them on the app like you would normally on the other apps. You can add and remove friends on your Sprouter account as and when you want to. To permanently delete them from any particular platform, you will have to delete them on that platform itself. Adding or removing friends on Sprouter will not add or remove them from your other platforms.

Sprouter does not force you to merge in all the accounts you hold in the compatible list of social media platforms. You can choose which accounts you would like to bring in and which ones you want to keep out. Removing an account from this all in one app will not affect your account on that particular platform. What happens on Sprouter stays with Sprouter, not meddling with your other accounts and platforms.

Sprouter manages your social media accounts so safely that even if your Sprouter credentials are hacked or disclosed, your other social media credentials will remain safe as these do not get saved in any server or backend data. You can be assured that you can create, use and dismiss your Sprouter account safely and securely, taking one step at a time and just the way you want to maintain it. There are no hard and fast rules. This has been created to make things simpler, rather than making them more complex. You can be absolutely sure of the fact that Sprouter is one safe app that will not only keep up to its privacy policy, but also give you an all-time best all in one app experience.

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